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【Free Shipping】 Product Description ★ Combat Shotgun "M870" which has abundant variation according to the application. Among them, the most compact and lightweight model is upgraded as a gas shotgun "M870 Breacher". ★ By converting the stock into a pistol grip and cutting the barrel down to 10 inches, it is finished in a style suitable for use in narrow places and indoors where speed and reliability are required. ★ The pump-action shotgun invented in 1882 can load the next bullet into the chamber by moving the fore end back and forth, so it can be fired continuously without losing its stance, This is the root of a modern shotgun. ★ Remington Arms, Inc. of the United States announced the famous gun "M31" which remains in history in 1931. After that, it was "M870" that was developed as a succession model. In addition to working reliably with stable performance, the M870, with its numerous variations of barrel length, stock availability, grip shape, etc., may be able to select a model depending on the application. Specifications * Total length: 515 mm * Gun height: 197 mm * Weight: 2200 g (including empty magazine and gas tank) * Major countries of manufacture: Japan * Tokyo Marui products support will be supported by all manufacturers, including initial defects. ※ There is an age limit (18 years or older) to purchase this product. ※ This product is a product that has been subjected to measures not to fall under the imitation gun and mock firearm specified by the Gunsword Act.

【Free Shipping】 Tokyo Marui M 870 Blycher No. 2 [Gas Shotgun (target age: 18 and over)] Airborne Gasgun Shotgun Crow Bird Harm Bird Sparrow Spy Cosplay Props Competence for Sporting Ability Accuracy Distance Accuracy Heavyweight Christmas Birthday Gunman

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23,900 yen

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