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【Brand】 RHC Ron Herman 【Brand name】 RHC Ron Herman 【Model】】 [degree] B [Size] FREE 【Main color】 Khaki 【Material · Fabric】 Nylon 【Keyword】 2018/06/22 Second Street Kyoto Station Hachijyoguchi Store 【3493】 【pre-owned】 RHC Ron Herman ◆ mesh cap / F / nylon brand RHC Ron Herman model number color khaki pattern material / cloth nylon> about color / material size FREE> about size display actual size [cap] collar: 7.5 / : 14 / Head circumference: 57 [Others] Other size: The product is sold at the shop front of the second street Kyoto station Hachijyu shop. For inquiries about products, please call us at (075-694-1830), inquiry number: 2334930203889. For inquiries on shipping methods and payment methods, please contact the support center. ※ The correspondence of the telephone becomes only within business hours. Comment from the exhibition store concerning this product Mesh cap / F / nylon / khaki / Cali Trucker Cap / California / embroidery / rainbow Today you see the items of our shop, Thank you very much. There is no noticeable damage, dirt, etc., especially in the state. You can still use it. Please understand that it is a USED item to the last, please purchase. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact our shop. Second / Second / Jumble / Used / RHC / CAP

[Pre] RHC Ron Herman Mesh Cap / F / Nylon / Khaki / Cali Trucker Cap / California / Embroidery / Rainbow 【Fashion accessories and others】

Price :
8,424 yen

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