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Wig Medium [Angel's Plume Midi] [Free Shipping] Full wig Wigs for all hands planted wigs Medical wigs for women Wigs Women Black hair Wedding Short wigs Heat-resistant wigs of angel wings ♪ Daily medium styles appear! Because the layers are included, the bangs do not stick to the forehead and give a fluffy natural volume. Balanced layers of lightness and movement create an adult woman ♪ Soft volume curls You can easily put out a volume simply by lightly adjusting the shape with your hand. The sideburns part is also natural finish so it is ◎ over the ear ボ ブ Bob of Angels Four Seasons 10,980 yen (tax included) Angel Bob (with skin) 9,698 yen (tax included) Angel Lace Front Bob 12,938 yen (tax included) Angel Layer C Curl ( With skin) 9,914 yen (tax included) imasugu ■ This wig is also returned OK · satisfaction guarantee [target wig]

Wig Medium [Angel's Plume Midi] [Free Shipping] Wig Short Full Wig Wig for medical wig cosplay extension wig medium bob LSRV_P

Price :
10,980 yen
(99.79 USD)

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