Customer Service :

※ Yu Packet may not be available.
※ If you wish individual wrapping of multiple items please be sure to enter the desired number of carts.
* 1 yen wrapping does not accept message cards. If you wish, please use 50 yen wrapping.
* Because it becomes handmade wrapping according to the product, specifications may differ depending on the product.


1_ wrapping (single item purchase)
2 _ All wrapping (collectively)
3 _ All wrapping (individually)
4_ wrapping product specification

* For those who ordered separately, please select 【1_ wrapping (single item purchase)】. <br>
※ If you wish to wrap all the items you order in a bag together 【2_ All wrapping (collectively)】 Please select. <br>
※ If you wish to wrap products separately ordered 【3_ All wrapping (Individually)】 Please select. <br>
※ When ordering for home and present together Please select the product name of the person who wraps in the remarks column after selecting 【4_ wrapping item specification】. <br>

Random 1 yen wrapping _ 000 - bbb

Price :
1 yen
(0.01 USD)

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