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Measuring method for men

◎ Dimensions · body length It is more accurate to measure and measure once in the waist around the length from the protruding bone of the center of the back of the neck to the ankle Achilles tendon (ankle).

· It is said that the hip surrounding pelvis is the widest.
Thank you in the part that seems to be the widest in the hip surroundings.

Sleeve (Yuki: length of hand)
Turn the basic dominant hand (left and right longer arm) to 45 degrees (if there are large openings on the left and right, please tell us.)
It is more accurate to measure by measuring the length once in the elbow with the shoulder from the bulge of the central bone on the back side of the neck to the protruding bone of the wrist base.

The basic dimensions can be determined from the above three lengths.

※ It is the basic dimension by the dimension determination method to the last.
We will inform you by e-mail the dimensions you figured out.

Measuring method for men

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