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Customer Care

Customer Care

  1. Usage Guide

Note: You may also shop to Yahoo Auction websites and get the URL of your wish item and paste in our search button.

  1. Payment

or Auction and Proxy Service you are going to pay two times.

First Payment: Referral Fee and Inspection Fee. Inspection Fee is optional.

As soon as your item arrives in the warehouse, you have the options to use this service or not.

Note: Inspection that includes repacking your items. Make sure you read our conditions of this service.

Note: You will be asked this during you place your order.

2nd Payment: Will cover the Shipping Cost. There will be possible two times of payment. These include the following;


1. If your order w/o tracking, we will ask the seller to use other shipping methods that can provide with tracking. In this case, this fee will occur in this service and we will collect from you.

2. Your parcel may also subject to local tax and hence this may also additional fee for your parcel that will include in this domestic shipping fee.

For details of this fee please refer here. (the sentence Case by case where is the link of this information)

For Direct shopping

The following payment methods that are available.

  1. Shipping & Delivery

       Shipping Methods.

Currently, we use the following shipping methods:

Note: Currently we only accept the maximum weight of order up to 15kg.

International Shipping Fee Information (EMS, AIR, SAL, FEDEX)

This Shipping Process we make it easy for you.

(This step will be change depending on the design of the system).

Note: If you failed to process or get your order, we will claim your order and we have the sole discretion in whatever ways.

  1. Return & Exchange

with our carrier partner, we make these things hassle-free as much as possible.

           Note: For Auction and Proxy Service, your seller policy in the different online site will be applied and priority in this process.

Note: We will assist you fully in this matter but has no 100% assurance.

Note: If there is no problem sending the missing part, we will ship to you and we will pay the shipping fee. If it’s not advisable, then you may return the items.

This Return Process policy is applied to Direct Shopping only but may also apply to Auction and Proxy Service as long as not violating Sellers’ or Other Online Shops policies.

  1. Take a Photo - From the time you received up to 7 days if you see the problems, please take a photo of the items particularly where the damage/error traced.
  2. Contact – Our Customers Team will be gladly received your concern. Contact our customer service afterward.
  3. Pack Well – As much as possible please pack on its original package. (Please read the Packing Return Policy below)
  4. Ship – Make sure you negotiate our Customer Service which carrier to be ship your item.
  5. Communicate – Our Customer Service Team will closely monitor with you as soon as we finally settle the case.
    • Return Packing Policy.
  1. The damaged item must return completely including any accessories.
  2. Pack in its original package.

Note: You will be responsible for all shipping fees that may cost for any replacement process.

Note: For those item needs to ship back to our warehouse for warranty, you may contact our Customer Team. Please be informed that you will be paid the shipping fee in this process.

5. Track Order